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Mini Hot Air Balloon
Hot Air Balloon

Caring For Your Be’loon

Congratulations on your Be’loon purchase! We want to make sure that you have instructions for using the Be’loons available to you whenever you need them.

Each customer places their Be ‘loons in different environments, so it is impossible to tell you how long yours will stay fully inflated before it needs a touch of air to look its best.

If you find yourself needing additional Be’loon inflatable bladders we have you covered too!


Downloadable instructions for inflating and deflating your Be’loon.


If you want to see more testimonials, just ask

This is my third year going to your booth. I love my Be’loons. I have 5 so far. See you next year.

Sara D

I just love my cool air balloon- hot air balloon little balloon. Whatever it is. I just love it. See you next year.

Maria N

My son loves his own personal hot air balloon. We come up with the most adventurous stores at nighttime because of it.


Hey neighbor- Next year I will trade some new items for more of your balloons. Got it. Bring extra for me.

Your pal and neighbor Charlie

Every little girls needs to have one of your hot air balloons in her room. It is bright and it is happiness.

Julie M

I have several of your Beloons around my deck. They are so colorful. I am always getting comment on them. They make me happy.

David and Gwen

We absolutely LOVE the balloon in my daughters room and would gladly recommend it to others!!


These little hot air balloons are dope. I love them. Man they are so dope. I am back for another one. I bought one last year but now I want two more. They are just dope.


The balloon queen! The mother says she never buys anything at these fairs. These Beloons are just too cute!!! and everyone of my family needed to have the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

We Supply the free hand pump, so every customer has a way to inflate his or her Be’loon as soon as they open the box! However, not everyone can use a hand pump, so alternatives such as a bicycle pump or air copressor work too. Just remember, you need a needle tip with any of the options.

We want you to start enjoying your Be’loons right away. That’s why we include our featured Hand Pump at no charge, as a convenient option in case you don’t have access to a bicycle pump or electric air compressor. While these options are easier for filling a Be’loon for the first time, our small handheld pump is the easiest way to add fresh air to the bladder when old air dissipates over time.

There will be no wrinkles in the fabric.

Yes. We suggest you pay close attention as you fill the Be’loon, especially the final 10% of the fill.   When it’s entirely full, the air bladder will be firm and with no wrinkles in the fabric.  Replacement bladders are available to purchase here!

It’s unlikely. While leaks may occur, it’s far more likely dissipation of air has occurred. The bladder will expand and compress depending on the weather, direct sun light,  and time, etc. Simply add just a little bit of air to refresh the Be’loon to its original fullness.

Reach out to us to replace your air bladder is the best solution if there is an actual leak. Here is where to purchase a replacement bladder!

We makes limited runs of patterns and colors all the time.  If you have a favorite, let us know. You can also email us at [email protected].

Yes! Please contact us via email for more information at [email protected]

150 Be’loons are the minimum. If you are looking for less, we have some ideas for you too! Email us at [email protected] to chat about possible design ideas. 

Of course! Just remember that hot air expands while cool air contracts. So placement has an effect on how you much to  inflate your Be’loon and how long it will stay perfectly inflated.

We will ship out within three days after we receive the delivery.  We ship with USPS First Class Mail.

You could always email us at [email protected] to check on your order.

The short answer is yes. How you want to do this, and where you want it branded will effect the costs. There is also a MQO (minimum quantity order) necessary . Call us to discuss.